About Wendy Glos

Wendy Glos, painter

Imagine! Here I am at retirement age and now call myself an artist! Life guides us in mysterious ways. Creative influences surrounded me from birth. My mother was an art teacher, grandma was an oil painter, and great granddad was a water colourist. As a young child, my sister would entertain me with chalkboard stories. I was in awe of her drawing ability as she wove enticing tales to delight me.  It made an impression.

Although I always loved painting and drawing, my creative expression first flowed through playing violin. Years later I studied metal smithing as a hobby and designed jewelry. My work life also allowed me creative flair in its different forms – first in retail fashion, then as counter manager for a major cosmetic company, then creating travel packages as a travel agent. Then I was a speech-language pathologist, helping adults rehabilitate from brain injury, and later assisting students in the academic setting, while also running a bed and breakfast in my home.  

The next step was unforeseen. I sustained multiple head injuries in 2014/2015, necessitating a halt to life as I knew it. I downsized to a smaller home and found myself living long term with brain injury with my full time job being healing. One persistent deficit was my inability to focus while listening, without becoming physically ill. Living remotely with no therapy services nearby, I began listening to online art classes as therapy. I could listen for only 10 minutes initially and very gradually increased to listening for 2 hours. Through this process, I fell in love with painting and haven’t looked back since!

Having lived on Vancouver Island for the past 16 years has definitely influenced and enriched my artful life in unexplainable ways. Creativity just seems more accessible in this magical place where nature is upfront and center in everyday life. Mediums of choice are acrylic, inks, collage and mixed media. Lots of experimentation happens to keep my creativity moving forward. I strive for my art to exude the joy that inspires me to keep on painting!

“Creativity occurs in the moment, and in the moment we are timeless.”

Julia Cameron

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